Friday, 26 December 2008

Hot BBC newsreader Emily Maitlis' schizophrenic weirdo who stalked her for 20 years sent to secure hospital

Mail - A stalker who tormented Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis for almost 20 years has been locked up indefinitely in a secure hospital. Schizophrenic Edward Vines, 38, has an 'untreatable' obsession with the BBC star, who he met when they were students together at Cambridge University. He was sent to Warneford secure hospital in Oxfordshire after he admitted breaking an earlier restraining order which banned him from contacting the 38-year-old mother of two. Miss Maitlis was given round-the-clock protection from BBC bodyguards and police after Vines escaped from the same hospital in July.

And lest we ever forget ...

Press Gazette - Emily shocks the BBC Director General with 'haunted pussy'. Contains genuine news footage but with amusement along the way.

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